1969 CRL Expansion Draft

A. Each of the original 16 teams will protect 18 players from their 1968 roster. The same UHOLH (80%) rules apply. Before the expansion draft begins, each of the 16 original teams will freeze 3 of these 18 players. These 3 cannot be drafted by the expansion teams.

B. The remaining 240 players (15 players from 16 teams) will enter the expansion draft pool.

C. In serpentine order (see below), each of the expansion teams (Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D) will select four players from this pool of 240. After these first four rounds of picks, each of the original 16 teams will lose one player and only one player. For example, if Dick Allen is selected first overall in the expansion draft, then all of Allen's 1968 teammates will be removed from the pool of 240 before the next pick is made.

The first 16 picks will be according to the following... Teams A thru D will be determined by lottery at a later date.

1. Team A

2. Team B

3. Team C

4. Team D

5. Team D

6. Team C

7. Team B

8. Team A

9. Team A

10. Team B

11. Team C

12. Team D

13. Team D

14. Team C

15. Team B

16. Team A

D. Each of the original 16 teams will then freeze another x players. x will be determined in the following manner:

1st, 2nd or 3rd overall, then x =7

4th thru 7th overall, then x = 6

8th thru 11th overall, then x = 5

12th thru 16th overall, then x = 4

For example, if George Scott is selected from San Francisco as the 9th overall pick by Team A, then San Francisco gets to freeze 5 additional players before pick # 17 is made. If Scott is selected 13th overall by Team D, then San Francisco gets to freeze only 4 players before the 17th overall pick is made. This rewards/compensates teams who lose a high quality player in the expansion draft.

E. After the first 16 picks are made and the 85 additional players are declared frozen, then the remaining 139 players will be placed back into the expansion draft pool. The next 32 picks (17 thru 48) will be done similar to the first 16 picks except that once two players are selected from a single (original) team, then the remaining teammates of that player are placed back onto that original team's roster.

17. Team A

18. Team B

19. Team C

20. Team D

21. Team D

22. Team C

23. Team B

24. Team A


45. Team D

46. Team C

47. Team B

48. Team A... Note: Team A will be forced to select a player from the original team that had only one player selected thus far (between Picks 17 thru 47).

F. After the 48 expansion draft picks are made, each expansion team will have 12 players on their roster and the 16 original teams will have 15 players on their roster. This differential will be made up during the regular 1969 draft. Click here to see the format of the 1969 draft.